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Anchoring Yourself in the World of Boating

Dec 7, 2022

The world of boating is an exciting world to venture, or float, into. Whether you own or rent a boat, there are a few basics to cover when you’re starting out. It’s tricky navigating a water vessel, no matter what kind it is. This is why at Boater’s Academy, we offer boater safety courses and jet ski safety courses online.

What are things any boating beginner should know?

It’s important to understand the technicalities of boating, as well as learning from the experience; this is why our courses though online, are catered to specifics. Across forty states, we take into account federal and state regulations and rules for boaters to make sure you’re getting the safest, most thorough learning experience.

A few things to remember when you’re starting out are:

1. Be sure to get licensed and certified

This one can’t be emphasized enough. Just like driving you cannot sail without proper license and registration. Check out our website to see how you can go about completing our boater safety courses online, and what each state’s requirements are. Federal documentation and registration are separate processes, and each is necessary depending on the kind of boat you have.

2. Practice!

Again, like driving, boating also requires know-how and practice. There’s a lot to learn and you’re better off starting out in shallower waters, taking help from experienced boaters, perhaps taking an additional course or two to get the feel of how your vessel moves.

3. Know your gadgets and devices

You’ll have plenty of gadgets and gear such as a GPS, magnetic compasses, navigational lights and more, on any boat you use. They’re meant to make your experience safe and trouble-free by keeping you in contact back on land. It will take time, but you should try your best to understand what purpose each of them serves.

4. Always be prepared – weather, equipment, gear, emergency supplies

Apart from the gadgets you’ll have on board, it’s also important to have appropriate gear such as life jackets, floaties, emergency boats, a complete first aid kit and flares. These are only the basic items to carry with you during any boating expedition since you never know what emergency situation may arise. If you don’t have a complete flare kit, you can easily find one off Amazon or any equipment store.

It’s also important to check weather conditions, including wind speeds, tides, rain, etc. before heading off. There are smartphone apps that will be very handy for this.

5. Dress for the occasion

Always carry a jacket, shawl or something warm, even if the weather on the shore is warm. Winds out at sea might be drastically different, especially if you’re not used to making this journey often.

The most important thing of all when boating? Have fun! Remember that you’re lucky to have the ability to enjoy, so make the most of this!