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Making the Most of Pleasant Weather with Your Boat

Dec 7, 2022

The air is changing, the cool breeze is blowing, and there’s an endless opportunity of fun things to do with your boat in pleasant weather. If you’re lucky enough to own a boat, there’s no better time than fall time to take the ol’ boat—no matter what your vessel is—for a spin around the water.

Whether you venture out into a lake, or the wider sea, a trip on your boat is incomparable to anything else! But while it’s fun to soak up that rare sunshine on your cruiser, or yacht, or trawler, it’s even more important to be safe.

What is the best time to go boating?

Depending on how careful you are, whether or not you’ve got some experience navigating and controlling a boat, and what external factors such as the climate and weather are, there’s a lot that determines what a good time for boating is.

Important questions to ask yourself

Have you been trained and certified to handle a boat?

Do you have a license? If the answer to this question is no, then you’re not only risking your life but the lives of anyone who’s on board with you. Take our online boat safety course and get certified based on what state you’re in.

What is the weather like?

Are the winds harsh and can put your safety on the line? Check the wind speeds and conditions before venturing out, especially if you plan to boat out at sea. Wind speeds can greatly impact the overall experience, and run the risk of damaging your boat if you’re not skilled enough to navigate it the right way.

What are the tides like?

Test your boat in choppy waters before making a purchase, but once you have it, it’s important to know how to handle it too. High tide and rough, choppy waves can throw off even the most experienced captains, so steer clear—pun intended—of the water.
Are you well-prepared for being out on your boat?
As exciting as it is, it’s imperative that you prepare well before you get on a boat. Chances are you won’t be close to the surface and under the open sky for at least a few hours.

Do you have a first aid kit onboard? Do you have appropriate sun protection? Make sure you have a complete list of safety gear and items, including emergency flares and radio to connect back on shore. It’s perfectly fine if you want to have a good time, but anything you do should be safe. Enroll in our online boater safety education course, which comes with a free study guide, and set sail into the ocean breeze!