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Do You Need a Boater’s License To Operate A Vessel?

Dec 8, 2022

Whether you’re on a recreational boating trip or are heading out with a team of oceanographers for a complicated research task – you’ll need a boater’s license before you set foot in the cabin.

Lots of people think that steering a boat is similar to driving a car but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. To start off, you’re traveling on water, not concrete. Boating education will not only help you learn how to drive in a smooth fashion but it will also protect your life in case you’re riding on rough water.

Many US states require you take a safety course so that you’re aware of boat operations, navigation and communication techniques. You can easily take a PWC safety course online with us at Boater’s Academy. They’ll provide you with the education relevant to your state and have you ready for a boating license in no time!

Without proper PWC education, you’re likely to put yourself and fellow passengers at risk. According to a report by the US Coast Guard, nearly 70 percent of boating accidents are caused by errors made by the operator. Perhaps what’s worse to know is that nearly 80 percent of such operators did not take any kind of safety course before operating their vessel.

There are over 12 million boats registered in the United States. To truly enjoy your boating experience, you should know the rules of safe traveling through the water.

Here are three reasons how you benefit from taking a boating safety course with us.

1. You honor the law

Over 40 US states require boater safety education. If you’d like to operate on the waters safely and stress free, you can sign up for lessons with us and get ready to receive your boating license.

2. You will be asked to carry your boater card

Any time you head to the waters, vessel operators checking for ID will ask you to show your boater education card. Boater’s Academy provides with you a certificate that you can present to any inspection officer. If you’re not carrying proof of your training, you may get slapped with hefty fines.

3. Your certificate is accepted in other states

All states that require boater safety education expect you to complete a mandatory set of courses that are the same in every state. So if you have a certificate issued in the state of Florida, it will be accepted in Washington DC as long it meets NASBLA requirements.

Boater’s Academy’s courses are both NASBLA and US Coast Guard approved so you can rest assured you’re getting the most comprehensive training there is!