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5 Jet Skiing Safety Tips

Dec 7, 2022

Probably nothing in the world sounds cooler than a person riding the waves on a jet ski, their hair trailing behind in the wind, water whooshing around in a salty spray left in their wake.

In reality, though, while jet skiing might be as exciting as it seems on screen, it also needs you to be more careful.

How do I have fun but stay safe on my jet ski?

A jet ski is a powerful and expensive vessel. Improper usage could lead to accidents and mishaps that nobody wants. You’ll not only be putting yourself at risk but also other skiers and boaters. You’ll also jeopardize the jet ski itself.

Things to remember when jet skiing are:

Get licensed and registered. In order to use your jet ski, you’ll need proper licensing and registration, the rules and regulations for which vary among states. With Boater’s Academy’s jet ski safety course, you can easily learn more about jet ski safety and obtain a certificate online. This will also facilitate the process of obtaining your license.

Always have your life jacket on. Yes, we know you want to look like a movie star when you’re on your jet ski, but it’s more important for you to be safe. You can rent or buy a life jacket from any boat store or online. It’s especially important to wear one when you’re starting out, or have young riders with you.

Jet ski safety tips

Maintain Distance from other PWCs.
Make use of the space available to you when you’re out at sea. Though there isn’t a standard measure, most jet ski riders are advised to maintain a 70-foot distance between themselves and other personal watercraft (PWC). When you take the jet ski safety course with Boater’s Academy, be sure to find out what your state’s specific regulations on this are.

Slow down! We get it, the point is to go fast, but you shouldn’t go so fast you lose control. It takes no more than a couple of seconds to fall off, crash, or even cause the motor to fail.

Don’t drink and ride. Don’t ever do this. It’s illegal. Just like you wouldn’t drive a car under the influence, you shouldn’t ride your jet ski under the influence either. It’s tempting to take your jet ski out for a spin, but alcohol can impair your judgment and sense of space, direction and proximity.

Drinking alcohol while boating is not advised

Be sure you take good care of your jet ski and its maintenance, for a fun and safe experience. You can learn all about caring for your PWC in our online jet ski safety course. Get started here.