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Celebrity Sailors Who Love Boating

Dec 8, 2022

We’ve all seen celebrity fans sitting front row at a soccer or basketball game, rooting for their favorite team. Now it’s time to feast our eyes at some of our favorite celebrity sailors enjoying one of our favorite activities: boating.

Boating is an incredibly fun activity that gives you the peace of mind any other sporting activity may not be able to compare to. With how busy celebrity lives are, it’s no wonder our beloved on-screen personalities love taking a trip across the waters.

Here are some A-list boating fans we’d love to go on a cruise with.

Celebrity Sailors:

1. Morgan Freeman

Academy Award winner, Morgan Freeman fell in love with sailing in the early 1960s when he saw a sailboat glide across San Francisco Bay. He has since sailed on a custom-built boat to various states in and out of the US, including Nova Scotia and the Caribbean. In an interview, Freeman once said that he wore a pair of earrings while sailing because they were worth enough to buy him a coffin in case he died in an unknown place.

2. Zac Efron

Once a global teen heartthrob, Zac Efron’s passion for sailing emerged when he began training for his movie Charlie St. Cloud. During an interview, Efron said that he was spending time with his father, reading the script for the movie on a sailboat. His personal experience led him to say yes to the lead role. Before the team began filming, Efron had to take up intensive sailing courses to operate a dinghy.

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3. George Clooney

Mr. Clooney is a resident of Lake Como in Italy and that in itself tells us so much about his passion for boating and staying close to waterbodies. You can often find him being photographed with friends and family on motor yachts. Some media reports claim he owns a rowboat worth 10,000 British pounds!


4. Jeremy Irons

Alfred Pennyworth from Batman is a huge fan of sailing and even founded a local sailing club with his father in his hometown. Irons perfected his sailing craft on dinghies and has now moved onto faster, more ferocious vessels. In fact, he even participated in the BT Global Challenge yacht race.

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