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How to Care for Your Watercraft

Dec 8, 2022

So, you’re thinking of owning a boat? Well, that’s one exciting move. We’re guessing you’re probably thinking of all those fun water-soaked adventures in the sun and we’re happy to see your enthusiasm, but here’s a heads up; you’re only going to enjoy being a boat owner if you’re a responsible one.

How you care for your watercraft is a direct reflection on you. Your boat will perform best if you take good care of it. To avoid getting stuck at the repair shop every 15 days, let us help you with some key boat maintenance tips.

1. Change Your Oil Regularly

Just like you would change your car oil, you’ll need to change the engine oil for your boat. A rule of thumb is to change the oil in your boat after every 50 hours of use. If you haven’t used your boat much then try to change the oil after every 6 months.

2. Perform Regular Tuning

As with any machine, your boat engine will need a tune-up every now and then. Even if your engine is super fuel efficient, you should always give it a regular check-up. Also keep an eye out for the condition of your plug wires, distributor caps and other nitty gritty parts.

3. Clean Your Boat

This should probably go without saying but lots of people assume that since the boat is on water it’s automatically cleaned itself. Saltwater can be detrimental to your boat’s exterior. The engine can also corrode due to the humidity. We suggest you regularly wash and wax your boat to keep it from losing its appearance and performance.

How to Care for Your Watercraft

4. Keep The Filter Clean

Some boats come with a sea strainer that allows debris like seaweed to filter out. This makes sure only clean water hits your engine. If you’ve got such a filter on your boat, make sure you clean it out regularly so your boat runs smoothly.

5. Test the Propeller

Propellers can easily get damaged while on the run. You may not even notice the damage until your boat begins handling badly. Whenever you notice the slightest problem in the propeller, make sure to get it fixed before you take the boat out in the water.

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