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What to Consider Before Buying a Bowrider

Dec 8, 2022

Official statistics show that around 95 percent of all Americans are living close to a navigable water body. This means that if you’re looking to unwind from the daily stresses of life, it’s a good idea for you to head out to your nearest lake, river or beach and appreciate a mini-vacation.

To truly enjoy your time near a waterbody you’re going to want to go in the water. And what’s a better way to do that than with a bowrider?

Bowriders are versatile vessels that allow you to entertain and exercise your mind. If you’re thinking of purchasing one, you probably have tons of questions about which model to go for. The answer to that depends on your priorities; do you need smooth riding, better storage or more entertainment facilities?

To make your job easier, we’ve compiled a list of some important features you might want to consider.

Before Buying A Bowrider

1. Consider The Amount Of Seating You’ll Need

It doesn’t matter if you’re taking out that bowrider for personal use. There will come a time when you’d want to host a party on your vessel and will need space for seating. Most bowriders offer seating in the front and back and can accommodate up to 8 people easily. For more people, you’d want to make sure the rider is large enough with flexible seating options.

2. What’s Your Ideal Amount Of Storage?

Take a good look at your potential vessel and see where you can store all your belongings, food and drinks. Keep in mind that you’ll need enough space to store all your life jackets too. According to the US Coast Guard rules, most states cannot allow passengers to set sail without wearing life jackets.

3. Don’t Forget The Cockpit

We don’t always think of the cockpit when buying a boat but if you want a comfortable ride, you’re going to have to focus on the helm. A small tip is to take a look at the tint on the screen and dash. Any reflection from the sun can blur your vision and make driving a huge problem. Take a good look at the seating too; you might want a place to sit when you’re tired of standing and steering.

Riding in a bowrider boat

4. Keep An Eye Out For Grab Handles

All bowrider models have grab handles so the real question is for you to test them out. Check how they pick up speed, enforce the brakes and see if they’re easy to steer. If you feel like the handles aren’t exactly ergonomic or make jerky turns, you know that’s a warning sign.

You can learn more details about purchasing bowriders and other types of boats from our online boating safety courses. We provide you with comprehensive lessons on boating safety and prepare you for your boating license in no time!