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The Ultimate Boat Party Checklist

Dec 8, 2022

Are you in the mood to switch things up this time you throw a birthday or a New Year’s party? Getting tired of the usual celebrations at the hottest new club? The next time you plan a party, double the fun by taking it off land entirely!

If you own a boat, or usually rent one, it can serve as the perfect location for your next big bash.

Follow The Boat Party Checklist

Have the pre-requisites

Before you can even begin to plan the specifics of your party, it’s important that you have a grasp of the basics of boating safety. If you’ll be operating the boat, get the necessary certifications and licensing in order before you take the wheel. No matter how skilled you are, having proper boat knowledge is imperative for the safety of everyone on board.

Boater’s Academy’s online boater safety course ensures you have all the knowledge needed to get your necessary certification. This online boating course provides easy-to-learn material that will prepare you for the safety you need on the waterways. Get started now so you can start planning your ideal boat party soon!

Plan a theme

Now that you’ve got the basics sorted, you can start working on the specifics of your party; a nautical theme would be fitting for a party on a boat.

Limit your invites

Since most boats have a limit to the number of people they can accommodate, make sure your guests don’t end up overcrowding the boat. Space is already limited; the last thing you’d want is to make your guests feel claustrophobic.

Limit your invites

Stock the bar

You’ll need to prepare the bar and stock up on beverages that everyone can enjoy. Just remember that operating a vessel while drinking is illegal in all states and can lead to major accidents; thus, if you’re planning on operating your boat, you must stay sober.


Arrange the equipment

While decorating your boat for the event is an important addition for the enjoyment of your guests, their safety is even more critical. Make sure the boat or yacht is stocked with life jackets and fire extinguishers that can be used in the event of an emergency.

Keep a first aid kit

Since you’ll be away from immediate medical attention – if any of your guests require it – keeping a first aid kit handy is a wise choice. Most boats already have one but do recheck if there’s one on board before you depart.

Now that you’ve got the basic checklist to planning – and executing – the best boat party ever, you’re ready to take the steering wheel.