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Family First: What is the Best Type of Boat for Your Next Family Outing?

Dec 8, 2022

Whether you’re a boating buff who knows all the latest designs and models or a beginner who doesn’t know of any boats apart from the Titanic, know that there’s a boat out there for everyone. When you’re heading out on a family trip you want to make sure the vessel you’ve got not only accommodates everyone but also rides smoothly into the sunset.

Here are some of our top recommended best type of boats for your next family outing.

1. Bowrider

Bowriders are the quintessential family boat. Highly popular and frequently spotted on the water, these vessels can be used for small trips, water skiing and everything in between. Modern bowriders are larger in size and can fit anywhere between 8 to 10 people on average.

However, if and when you’re looking to purchase or rent out a bowrider, you’d want to keep in mind that the standard boats fall in the 18 to 26-inch range. These should be less expensive and come with stern drive engines to give you a smooth sailing experience, even in rough waters.

2. Cruisers

Cruiser” is an umbrella term for a wide range of vessels. The common theme here is their smooth sailing, slow yet stable riding. Most cruisers will be somewhere around the 35-inch mark but they can easily go up to 100-inches—that’s when they look like mega yachts.

Engines on cruisers can vary from inboard, outboard and stern drive. You can choose one depending on the type of speed and sailing you prefer. As a general note, there are five types of cruisers that you can consider:

Aft Cabin
Express Cruisers
Motor Yachts
Pocket Cruisers

3. Pontoon Boats

There was a time when pontoon boats were pretty unsightly and shabby-looking but nowadays you can easily find sleek designs. These boats float on logs usually made of aluminum and offer super comfortable rides. They’re also less guarded on the sides so your family can enjoy unbarred views of the sea and even dabble in some watersports. However, pontoons aren’t made for bad weather and can be a risky choice when taken on rough waters.

Pontoon Boats

4. Sailboats

Sailboats are a classic vessel where you get the chance to enjoy a truly nautical experience with your family. You can set up the sails on the mast and steer with the wind like you’re riding down the waters in a 1940s Hollywood film. If you’re looking to have a nice, mellow day out with the family you can opt for day sailors since they offer the most space. Sail cruisers are another option to host a day-long event. But if you’re looking for some fun and adventure, the sailboat racer models would be a better bet.

Whatever boat you choose, remember that there’s nothing more important than your family’s safety. At Boater’s Academy we provide boating enthusiasts with PWC safety courses so they’re ready to pick up their boating license in no time! Receive NASBLA and US Coast Guard approved online lessons from the comfort of your home, today!