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Connect with Other Boaters in Your Region

Dec 7, 2022

In an economy where real estate prices are skyrocketing, living on a boat has become a viable option for people who don’t want to break the bank. The comparatively low costs of buying a boat and docking fees are just two of the factors that make this such an enticing alternative.

But living on a boat comes with challenges. However, one thing that can substantially help cruisers and regular travelers survive on water is having a tight-knit community. So if your life all about being out and ‘aboat,’ this is why a loyal community can prove to be a real asset for you.

Five reasons you should build connections on water!

Here are the top five reasons we insist you make connections while living aboard:

1. One of the biggest challenges that cruisers face is a disconnect from dry land and the real world. Living without a stable internet connection can be incredibly frustrating and lonely. Fellow travelers and other boat inhabitants can make things a little bit easier.

2. Even if you’ve had years of sailing experience, a boating community can help you learn new tips and tricksthat can improve your quality of life. Electricity, toilets, refrigeration and heating are just some common problems that people living aboard face, but you can overcome them with the help of fellow cruisers.

3. Staying connected helps you understand the challenges and problems other cruisers face on their journeys. If you plan on sailing in uncharted waters, you can use that information to prepare yourself for the journey ahead.

4. You can plan fun trips and parties with other boaters and easily traverse through waters by relying on each other’s knowledge.

5. The most important reason to have a boating community is personal safety. Hundreds of people die every year, while thousands are involved in boating accidents. Immediate help and support are critical in such unfortunate situations, and having a community that knows your travel itinerary, whereabouts and traveling situation can assist first responders and emergency crew tremendously.

Connecting with other boaters is fun

Two ways to stay connected!

We mentioned that the lack of Wi-Fi and cellular networks makes it challenging for travelers to stay connected, so what do you do? Here are our top three suggestions:

Satellite phones are pretty handy when it comes to staying in touch with the rest of the world. No matter how isolated or away from land you are, you can still rely on it for communication
For safety and position reporting, invest in a yellowbrick tracker that allows emailing, messaging, and even access to social media
When your ship is moored on the marina, use a mobile network to get in touch with friends and family online and through social media. You can also use the network connection to stay updated on state regulations and laws via online courses. Use our study guide to keep yourself updated and safe.

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